The complexities of operating a world class manufacturing facility are many. One of the greatest challenges is maintaining an efficient level of MRO (Spare Part) inventory to keep your production machinery running continuously. Now place that manufacturing plant in a region of the world that does not provide for an abundant supply of spare parts locally and the challenges just increased exponentially.

Currently, most global manufacturing plants are working with a highly inefficient MRO supply chain. One that not only provides the significant risk of production downtime, but also one that is very expensive from both a direct and indirect perspective—Especially, if your plant is located overseas. It is expensive from a direct perspective as it is challenging for the in-plant buyers to verify that they are truly getting the lowest cost for the parts they are purchasing. And from an indirect perspective, the costs associated with getting the spare parts, from the part manufacturers, to the plant using them are uncontrollably high. Furthermore, when multiple suppliers are being used, the already high logistics’ costs only continue to increase.

The good news is…There is a solution. PROCOR Industrial’s SSPM™ (Single Source Purchasing Model) provides a consolidation point that ensures that you are receiving both the lowest Direct and Indirect costs for the parts you need. PROCOR Industrial’s proprietary software, highly experienced procurement specialists and volume purchasing across vast product categories, provides for the lowest product acquisition cost. Additionally, by consolidating your MRO purchases with PROCOR, you reduce the total number of incoming shipments to your facility which will result in tremendous cost savings. Our inventory management technology will reduce your orders into a single, consolidated shipment that will reduce your incoming freight costs, clearance charges, banking fees and transit delays.