Total MRO Sourcing

At PROCOR Industrial, we understand the complexities of keeping manufacturing plants running. The number of spare parts required can run into the thousands of SKU’s across all product categories including: Electrical, Power Transmission, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Material Handling, Analytical, Hand Tools, Safety, Laboratory and Janitorial. PROCOR’s SSPM™ gives you a single supplier from which to source all of these products. This ability to work with one supplier will provide you measurable savings in both time and money.

Repair & Calibration Services

Many times the cost to repair some of your more complex equipment is far less than the cost of replacement. By utilizing PROCOR's' Repair Services, your equipment will be brought back to original factory specifications at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. Additionally, our Calibration Services Program provides the most cost effective way to maintain NIST Traceable Calibration compliance for all of your important electronic standards, test and measuring equipment. We ensure that your equipment and instruments are turned around in the shortest time possible so there is no interruption in your maintenance schedules.

Raw Material Sourcing

Raw materials are the lifeblood of any manufacturing operation. Multi-national companies face the most significant supply chain challenges as all of their raw materials are often times not available on a local basis. Any production delays resulting from a breakdown in the timely supply of production materials are 100% unacceptable. PROCOR Industrial’s manufacturing process management technology provides for real-time monitoring of your raw materials from end to end. Additionally, our procurement expertise ensures that you receive the lowest cost for your production materials increasing your overall profit margins. Speak to a PROCOR representative about these benefits and more today!

Freight & Logistics Solutions

Many purchasers only look at the material cost of a given part or product in determining the supplier to purchase it from. They usually buy from the vendor offering the lowest item cost. When purchasing your spare parts on an international basis, or even from a local distributor who is sourcing internationally, you must also consider the total logistics’ cost. Not doing so can be devastating. At PROCOR Industrial we are experts in global freight and logistics. We partner with only the most cost effective and efficient freight partners to ensure that your transportation costs are the lowest possible no matter where you are located. Additionally, our export compliance specialists make certain that all documentation is precisely prepared so your duty and clearance charges are kept to a minimum. And finally, the PROCOR SSPM™ allows you to consolidate all of your MRO purchases into a single shipment driving down the overall acquisition cost of your spare part requirements. PROCOR Industrial is your logistics’ partner.

Laboratory Equipment & Supplies Sourcing

Your manufacturing facility’s laboratory is critical to ensuring that your operation is maintaining world class standards. PROCOR Industrial can supply your laboratory with all of the critical supplies it needs to operate efficiently. We provide our customers with an expansive choice of products such as instruments, furniture, apparel and consumables from a diverse group of leading scientific manufacturers. Whether your lab is just a component of your operation, or you are a wholly dedicated research & development facility, PROCOR Industrial is your laboratory supply partner.

Specialized Crating Services

When the spare part equipment purchased from PROCOR Industrial requires wood crating/packaging to ensure that it arrives to your facility in perfect condition you can rely on us to make sure it is fully compliant with international shipping standards. If it is not, the shipment may be subject to heavy fines, impounded or destroyed altogether. PROCOR Industrial’s team of packaging experts only utilizes wood packing materials that are ISPM-15 compliant which meet all global shipping standards. Additionally, your crates will be constructed to secure and protect your equipment while reducing the overall shipment weight. All of this careful attention to your shipment’s detail will save you time and money.